All True Men Initiative

  • All True Men


    In the fall of 2006, the National Fraternity introduced All True Men, a new leadership initiative that is broader in scope than anything in our history.  All True Men is a voluntary program, seeking the participation of only those chapters that are committed to being Theta Xi men at a higher, deeper, broader, more effective level, and who are committed to living the core values we affirm in our Oath.  These chapters distinguish themselves from others; they become leaders among chapters; they demonstrate that they are All True Men.

    In order to be an All True Men chapter, the undergraduates and alumni must commit to a set of expectations that are beyond those of other chapters.  In exchange, the chapter is entitled to a significantly higher level of support from the Fraternity, both tangible and intangible.  All True Menchapters go beyond what other chapters do in leadership development programming and in commitment to accountability.  An All True Men chapter is distinguished in the Fraternity; a graduate from an All True Men chapter is distinguished as a leader among men!


    Being an All True Men chapter is a very important thing to Alpha Iota. It helps designate us as an elite chapter of Theta Xi. It shows that our actions should help guide the way that all men in Theta Xi should strive to act. Alpha Iota is a pioneer for the All True Men Initiative and is one of only 8 Theta Xi chapters with this designation nationally! We are very proud to call ourselves All True Men and will continue this tradition as long as we are around.