•      Fish Fry

         The Philanthropy committee is very pleased with the progress we made last Spring. We decided to give a new event a test run in hopes of establishing a successful tradition. We organized a fish fry, in collaboration with the brothers of Delta Chi Fraternity. Future partnerships for this event are unclear, though the men of Delta Chi were helpful in enhancing the philanthropy’s success this year. The Philanthropy committee was happy to see that we raised more money this Spring than in recent years. A total of $2153 was raised in collaboration with Delta Chi Fraternity. We split this amount evenly, leaving us with $1076.50. This amount was also combined with donations collected by our House Mom (Mom Rose), and various other donors who wanted to see their money go directly to National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In total, Theta Xi donated over $1300 to National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

          The fish fry proved to be a success, and we are looking forward to making improvements to the execution of the event to minimize costs, and maximize the amounts of donations. The Philanthropy committee is currently working to create another successful event for this Fall.

  •      Gameday Tailgate

         At the beginning of the fall semester, the philanthropy committee decided that the house was in need of a new philanthropy. After the previous success of the Fish Fry, the committee had some ideas of what could prove successful. We brainstormed as a group and a multitude of ideas were thrown around. After a couple of days of thought and debate, we decided to have a Gameday tailgate before and during a K-State football game. From there, the planning process began.

         The first step was to find another house to pair with as we have found that by pairing with a sorority on campus, both houses have been able to improve the amount of money they can donate to their chosen organization. We met with Gamma Phi Beta and decided that we would work together to support a variety of groups. We designed t-shirts to sell to other groups on campus that are simply tailgating shirts without the event details or letters so that they can be worn for every game. In addition, we worked to presale tickets to groups to drum up support. 

    As the tailgate drew closer, the planning and execution process kicked into high gear. Both houses worked to prepare chili, popcorn, desserts and other foods or snacks for people to eat at the tailgate as they watched the Cats take on and win over Iowa State. The tailgate started a couple of hours before the game and continued into the second half.

         The philanthropy was an amazing success and upgrade over previous years as we were able to raise over $1000 for Multiple Sclerosis. The brothers of Theta Xi, sisters of Gamma Phi Beta and everyone that came had a great time playing yard games, eating and watching the game.

         Hopefully the tailgate can turn into a tradition and grow in the coming years as new ideas are brought into the mix! It’s always great to see all the brothers and two houses pull together on campus in order to support a couple of great organizations.


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    For more information on any upcoming Theta Xi Philanthropies, please contact one of our philanthropy chairs:


    Jordan Korb

        (785) 633-1882


       Eric Aube     

        (913) 231-6599


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