•       The Philanthropy committee is very pleased with the progress we made this Spring. We decided to give a new event a test run in hopes of establishing a successful tradition. We organized a fish fry, in collaboration with the brothers of Delta Chi Fraternity. Future partnerships for this event are unclear, though the men of Delta Chi were helpful in enhancing the philanthropy’s success this year. The Philanthropy committee was happy to see that we raised more money this Spring than in recent years. A total of $2153 was raised in collaboration with Delta Chi Fraternity. We split this amount evenly, leaving us with $1076.50. This amount was also combined with donations collected by our House Mom (Mom Rose), and various other donors who wanted to see their money go directly to National Multiple Sclerosis Society. In total, Theta Xi donated over $1300 to National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

          The fish fry proved to be a success, and we are looking forward to making improvements to the execution of the event to minimize costs, and maximize the amounts of donations. The Philanthropy committee is currently working to create another successful event for this Fall.


    For more information on any upcoming Theta Xi Philanthropies, please contact one of our philanthropy chairs:


      Ian Harmon

         (913) 707-3731


    Jake Anderson

         (913) 832-6697


    For more

    information on the National 

    Multiple Sclerosis Society,

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